Dr. Toni Frohoff: Director of Research, SONAR (US) — Dr. Toni Frohoff is the Director of Research for both Terramar Research and Sonar. Toni, an ethologist and wildlife behavioral-biologist, has researched – and advocated for – the lives, loves, and liberties of elephants and cetaceans for over 30 years. She specializes in studying stress, behavior, and well-being in captivity and the wild. Toni has co-authored two University-Press books and has contributed to many others. Most recently, she contributed a textbook chapter on ecocultural identity and human-elephant interactions for Routledge University Press. Toni’s work has been featured extensively in the media and has contributed to legislation protecting wildlife in over a dozen countries. She serves on various government and professional boards, task forces, and committees. She has spoken at the Smithsonian Institute, TED Global Oxford, and most recently, a conference on Animal Culture in
St. Petersburg, Russia.