Co-Secretary – Judy Collins attended Bunker Hill Community College. She became aware of the plight of elephants in 2015 and instantly was impassioned to help captive elephants. Judy has been fighting for the rights of all animals in her home state for many years. Her passion for animals lead her to the Save Nosey Now Facebook group. There, she began to follow Nosey’s story. Judy became an Administrator for the Facebook group not long after. Judy creates graphics and videos for postings. She creates Excel spreadsheets to help in tracking circus venues (dates, places, hosts, sponsors, and a list of media that have covered Nosey’s story). In addition to her duties as a Co-Secretary for the Board Of Directors at FREE ALL CAPTIVE ELEPHANTS, FACE, Judy does research on circus and zoo elephants . Judy is a champion for all animals and is active in pushing for legislation to end non-human circuses from performing in her state of Massachusetts.