FACE Directors Robin Vitulle and Adrienne Possenti organized this very successful Rally for Nosey’s Law and Protest against the Garden Bros. Circus in Trenton, NJ in October of 2018.  Former Senator Raymond Lesniak, champion of Nosey’s Law, Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, Sponsor of Nosey’s Law, Brian Hackett, NJ State director of HSUS, and many dedicated ADVOCATES were present for this event held just before Nosey’s Law was passed into LAW on December 14th, 2018.  CLICK ON PHOTO for link to Gov. Murphy signature of Nosey’s Law.

It’s time to TAKE ACTION!

Here are a few ways that you can make a difference in the lives of these magnificent animals:


LEGISLATION – The Key To Change


FACE works with legislators around the country to improve the conditions and protections for elephants on both the state and federal levels.

Your support of bills in your state can make a tremendous difference.  

1. Support TEAPSPA

  • With the passage of The Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act, (TEAPSPA), the United States Congress aims to amend the Animal Welfare Act to restrict the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses and other traveling acts across the nation. Legislation is key to making this change. In July, 2009, Bolivia became the first country in the world to pass a national law prohibiting the use of both wild and domestic animals in traveling circuses. The United States is WAY BEHIND! There are currently over 40 countries around the globe that have banned wild animal circuses including: Croatia, Singapore, Austria, Israel and Costa Rica, Peru, India and Lebanon.  Tell Congress it is time to pass TEAPSPA!  Contact your own state legislators and ask them to co-sponsor TEAPSPA. Having the support of legislators around the nation is vital in this bill moving forward.
    FACE is proud to partner with Animal Defenders International, ADI and many other animal advocacy organizations to support passage of this important legislation.
    Find out how YOU can have an impact today by clicking on the link HERE.

    2. Nosey’s Law:

  • Nosey’s Law was enacted December 14, 2018 in New Jersey, after more than two years of legislation.  FACE directors worked with legislators by testifying in front of Senate and House Committee members presenting vital testimony about Nosey and other elephants wittnessed first hand. Former New Jersey Senator, Raymond J. Lesniak invited FACE constituants to testify on behalf of Nosey’s Law in September of 2016. Senator Lesniak sponsored the bill and carried it through until his retirement in 2017. Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez took over and got Nosey’s Law passed into law.  By supporting local laws in your town, city, county or state, you are supporting important legislation to put an end to circuses.  Stand up and be a voice.

NEVER Buy a Ticket to a Circus 

  • Each time you choose not to financially support these entities, you are sending a message that elephants (and all animals) are not ours to use for our own entertainment or curiosity. Take your knowledge and educate others that JUST DON’T KNOW.  Education and awareness is KEY to putting an end to this antiquated business.  Most people will not go, if they know. Your ticket buys their misery.  Circuses cannot exist without ticket holders.

    Become a Grassroots ADVOCATE!


  • Your boots on the ground can help save an elephant. It was a local advocate that made the call to local officials in Alabama and changed Nosey’s life forever! If you learn of a circus coming to your town, contact us!  We will help you organize a peaceful protest, write letters or make phone calls to venues who host these events and the local authorities that permit them to come. By peacefully protesting at events you plant a seed into the minds of attendees. Give them something to think about as they decide to go in or to turn around and leave.  By pointing out specific things for them to “notice” while inside, you will validate what you are telling them is factual and true.  Remember to never shout or yell at attendees.  This will most often make them tune you out and not hear a word you say.  Be polite and informative.  Explain what the bull hook is and how it is used in the circus ring and while the elephant’s are being riden by unsuspecting children.  This weapon is a tool used to instil fear into the elephant and to remind them what they will get if they disobey.  They know they will be beaten badly while no one is watching. Learn about the circus you are protesting.  Being able to state that this particular circus has numberous violations against the Animal Welfare Act, and to be able to recite a few of these violations, will make a big difference.  Hand out leaflets for attendees to read.  Any material can be obtained online and you can also contact FACE for more information.   (FACE organized many peaceful and successful protests while Nosey was traveling through New Jersey we are happy to say that EVERY venue FACE protested, the following year these venues decided NOT TO HOST elephants again.)  It works. 


NEVER Ride An Elephant

 Yes, elephants are big and strong but their spines are not made for giving rides, furthermore, captive elephants are prone to foot problems which are very painful. Riding them exacerbates these problems which can lead to infection and an early death.  Captive Elephants are not domesticated animals.  They are dangerous and have caused numerous injuries and deaths in the United States and around the world.  Watch for traveling elephants giving rides in flea markets, small carnivals, or festivals.  If you see an elephant in this type of venue, please contact us ASAP.  Your photos and eyewitness testimony can help.


Would you like to read more? Follow this link to this article from the Dodo (here)





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Above, Nosey giving rides to 8 people.
Viola standing and swaying, Isa giving rides.
Isa at yet another circus event giving rides.

Viola and Isa travel with Carson and Barnes Circus and are leased out to other circuses such as Garden Bros.  Many circuses are still on the road and all of them have violations against the Animal Welfare Act. (AWA) 

Protest a circus in your town and be a voice to educate those attending.  You CAN make a difference for elephants. 


When ACTION is taken… the lives of elephants can change.  A FACE Success Story for Nosey! 11/10/2017

Nosey is one of the fortunate ones and is known throughout the world as the “poster child” for captive elephants. After nearly 3 decades of documented violations of the Animal Welfare Act by Nosey’s “owner”, and due largely in part to the efforts of FACE, she was seized on the side of the road in deplorable conditions in Lawrence County,  Alabama on November 10th, 2017. The seizure was set into motion after a local animal control officer was called by a concerned citizen. The animal control officer in turn contacted now FACE President, Robin Vitulle. Ultimitaly, Nosey was transported to the accredited Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee where she remains today. She is no longer subjected to the horrors of circus life that all performing elephants suffer. Nosey now receives the finest expert veterinary care, continuous fresh water, nutritious food, fresh browse, mud puddles to play in and trees to debark. Most importantly, Nosey now has the FREEDOM to do what she wants when SHE wants. Nosey had been deprived of so many things that are a natural part of being an elephant since she was transported from Zimbabwe, Africa to Florida, USA in 1982. Nosey was one of these elephants featured in the ABC 20/20 report that aired in the 1980’s  Nosey was one of these terrified elephant babies.  TODAY this is still happening.  Babies are separated from their herd families by force and shipped off to countries that use them in circuses and zoos.  They often die in transport, but those that do make it live a life many would say is a life worse than death.  

Above Video:  Nosey was one of these elephants captured in Zimbabwe, Africa and flown on a jumbo jet to the United States. 

The ABC 20/20 news program named, “The Flying Elephants”,  aired in the 1980’s, highlighting the transport of 63 baby elephants.

Over 30 years of captivity , this was Nosey:

Nosey with people riding on her back reveals what poor condition she was in before her rescue.

But then because a local citizen took ACTION

and picked up the phone…

                              Nosey’s luxury transport arrived to wisk her away to a life in sanctuary.

Help arrived and now Nosey is FREE in Sanctuary!


There are still dozens of elephants in North America in circuses and roadside zoos that need our help.

Will you help us help them?

DONATE to FACE.  link HERE to donate 100% of your donation will go directly towards our efforts. Please see our current campaigns link HERE to campaigns to get captive elephants to sanctuaries accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) and towards improving the lives of elephants not likely to be released.