EXCITING NEWS FOR CAPTIVE ELEPHANTS! Save Nosey Now, Inc. as of today will now be known as Free All Captive Elephants, Inc. (FACE). We are the same great organization just with a new name and new leadership! The name change will lesson confusion between the Save Nosey Now FaceBook pages and the non profit organization. More importantly, the Name Free All Captive Elephants is more in line with our mission to free ALL captive elephants in North America through the use of education, litigation and legislation. FACE remains the only non profit in the nation dedicated solely to this cause. Our laser focus on this narrow issue will continue to allow us to maximize our resources and do all that is possible to get captive elephants to sanctuaries accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Since captive elephants cannot be released back into the wild GFAS offer elephants an environment as close to true freedom as they can get. FACE will also continue to work to improve conditions for captive elephants even if they are not likely to be released.