In 2014 we began our advocacy for NOSEY the elephant who was owned and abused by a circus family for over 30 years. Nosey was captured in 1984 from the wild in  Zimbabwe, Africa. She was only 2 years old. Ripped away from her entire herd that were all slaughtered in a government cull. She was sent to the USA to begin her life as a circus elephant. We tracked Nosey for years as she was forced into her too small trailer that was filthy and dangerous with all of the circus equipment loaded into the same area as Nosey was inside. 
She was dragged all over the country season after season giving rides and performing circus tricks for the paying public. When we say “tracked” Nosey, we would find out where she was going to be at every venue. This was no easy task. After years of tracking her, towards the final months and days during this time, Nosey’s owners stopped advertising on social media or even by placing ads in the local papers. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. Nosey was being set up at any possible place they could find to make a buck off of her misery. We had thousands of followers on our social media page that lived all over the world. By placing a post on our FB page, we would ask “Have you seen Nosey?! Please be on the lookout at any roadside set up for her and let us know”. Once she was spotted, all gloves were off as we went into action to have the venue cancel her. We set up actions for our members to take such as: calling the venue, calling local officials, the mayor, city council, and anyone of authority. We also called on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to inspect Nosey. The USDA is tasked with inspection, protection, and enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). Often they would find nothing wrong or if they did, would issue a citation and never check back to see if it was followed through. This was a major problem. (See our BROKEN Campaign tab for more information on Government complacency and more). It seemed that our efforts were for nothing at times, there were constant dissapointments, but we never gave up. We protested whenever possible. Spreading awareness and education is KEY in stopping circuses. Not only is it cruel and abusive but the public was in danger. Officials were very concerned with public safety and they learned through our organization about the hundreds of complaints and violations that occurred. We were successful many times at having venues cancel. This was our goal. Having nowhere for Nosey to set up was key in forcing this circus to go under. It worked. Our efforts finally paid off. Nosey was found on the side of the road in rural Alabama in November of 2017. It took a local advocate, an animal control officer, a district attorney and the county judge and the guidance of FACE to set Nosey FREE to sanctuary! Our documentary, BROKEN is currently wrapping up and will tell the whole story with interviews from these incredible ladies of Lawrence County, Alabama. Stay tuned!

 A FACE Success Story for Nosey! 11/10/2017
Nosey is one of the fortunate ones and is known throughout the world as the “poster child” for captive elephants. After nearly 3 decades of documented violations of the Animal Welfare Act by Nosey’s “owner”, and due largely in part to the efforts of FACE, she was seized on the side of the road in deplorable conditions in Alabama on November 10th, 2017. The seizure was set into motion after a local animal control officer was called by a concerned citizen. Nosey was transported to The GFAS accredited Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee where she remains today. She is no longer subjected to the horrors of circus life that all performing elephants suffer. Nosey now receives the finest expert veterinary care, continuous fresh water, nutritious food, fresh browse, mud puddles to play in and trees to debark. Most importantly, Nosey now has the FREEDOM to do what she wants when SHE wants. Nosey had been deprived of so many things that are a natural part of being an elephant since she was transported from Zimbabwe to Florida in 1982. Nosey was one of these elephants.
Over 30 years of captivity , this was Nosey:
Nosey with people riding on her back reveals what poor condition she was in before her rescue.
But then because a local citizen took ACTION and picked up the phone,
Nosey’s luxury transport arrived to wisk her away to a life in sanctuary.
Help arrived and now Nosey is FREE in Sanctuary!


Judge Craig upheld the lower court’s order

The custody of the elephant, more specifically described as “Nosey” which was seized by the animal control officer of Lawrence County, Alabama on November 8, 2017 shall be vested in said animal control officer, Kimberly Carpenter, in her official capacity. The animal control officer shall make decisions as to the continuing placement and treatment for the elephant.”


Nosey’s court case is settled! 11/4/2019

On November 4th, 2019 Judge Mark Craig gave his FINAL ORDER:

THE PARTIES appeared through counsel for consideration
of pending motions, including the Plaintiff’s Motion for
Dismissal to Sanction Defendants’ Gross Misconduct and
Defiance of Court Orders (doc. 120). The court heard
arguments of the parties concerning these motions. Upon
consideration of all matters of proper record, of the
written arguments and briefs of the parties, of the oral
arguments made during the hearing, of the applicable law, of
the court’s ability or inability to afford practical relief
and of every other matter related to the issues raised in
the motions before the court, the court announced its
rulings in open court. In accord with the announced rulings,
it is
ORDERED that this appeal for trial de novo is DISMISSED
It is further ORDERED that the January 22, 2018, judgment of the
District Court of Lawrence County, Alabama, the Honorable
Angela D. Terry presiding, is REINSTATED. It is further
ORDERED that, unless granted directly or necessarily by
this instant order, all other motions and requests for
relief are DENIED. It is further
ORDERED that the Clerk of this court shall publish this
order as a final judgment in accord with Ala.R.Civ.P. 5(b)
and 77(d).
DONE this 4th day of November, 2019.


November 10, 2017 from The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee:

Hohenwald, Tenn. — “African elephant Nosey arrived safely at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee late Thursday night after she was confiscated in Alabama by Lawrence County animal control officers on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. The Sanctuary will be a temporary refuge for Nosey until the court makes a final ruling. (At this time, the case had not been settled) The Sanctuary’s Veterinary and Husbandry teams greeted Nosey upon her arrival with fresh-cut produce, bamboo, and banana leaves. Staff monitored her throughout the night and reported that Nosey showed calm interest in her new surroundings.Over the next weeks, Nosey will be kept separate from the other elephants as her health and individual needs are evaluated. We applaud all those who have worked so tirelessly on Nosey’s behalf. The Sanctuary Staff is committed to providing the highest standard of care for Nosey during her time at The Elephant Sanctuary.”

 Nosey FREE in Tennessee!

November 10th, 2017 Nosey was seized and given her freedom after more than 30 years in captivity.  

Enjoy this synopsis of how Nosey now spends her days in wonderful SANCTUARY… she spends her time doing what she wants, when SHE wants.

At The Sanctuary, Nosey is spending spring grazing on the grassy hilltop in her habitat, lying down to nap in the sun, creating new wallows, and splashing around in the mud. The Sanctuary’s Facilities and Care are constantly working to create new opportunities for Nosey to engage with the natural habitat—mapping out and clearing trails, digging wallows, and providing ample enrichment. We celebrate Nosey’s daily choices to engage with her surroundings.
Nosey also continues to progress daily in Protected Contact Management and is eager to participate in training with Caregivers—presenting all four feet and lifting her trunk for dental inspection. On one particularly warm day last week, Nosey was offered a firehose bath by Caregivers. She leaned in to the water, lifting her trunk and rubbing it on her head and face. Her excitement appeared to grow as she vocalized several times and continuously turned to be hosed on all sides. She presented all four feet to be hosed and laid down during the bath to roll in the mud. Afterward, Nosey rubbed her body on the street brush in the habitat, and then walked to the wood line where a pile of treats awaited her.     


All captive elephants need and deserve TRUE SANCTUARY.
The USDA failed Nosey and many other Elephants:
The Liebel Family has Over 200 citations and
30 direct violations of the Animal Welfare Act!
Here are just SOME of the Violations of the Animal Welfare Act:
 -Failure to provide enclosure of sufficient strength to contain elephants.
 -Leaving an elephant unattended.
 -Physical abuse by trainer with a bull hook.
 -Elephant trailers without AC, Heat or Ventilation.
 -Failure to provide an elephant with shelter from the sunlight.
 -Failure to provide veterinary care.
 -Failure to provide wholesome and uncontaminated food and adequate space for the animals.
 -Allowing animal enclosures to become filthy, mishandling animals, and withholding food for
training purposes.
 -Failing to address concerns regarding Nosey’s visibly poor skin condition for more than four

FWC – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Over 200,000 Complaints recorded for Nosey alone and yet Florida failed Nosey as well.


There are still dozens of elephants in North America in circuses and roadside zoos that need our help.
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