Free All Captive Elephants presents our short documentary, sneak peek…

Elephants, Out of Captivity

Coming soon!

Written by: Larry Laverty

Directed and edited by: Isaac Pingree

Narrated by: Peter Coyote

Elephants, Out of Captivity, is a 10-minute impactful film created to bring awareness, educate, and to share to those needing to know all about the magnificence of elephants, the suffering they endure and what can be done to save them.

Free All Captive Elephants (FACE), produced this film to bring awareness for suffering elephants held captive in circuses and zoos across the nation.  This documentary will open the eyes of those that watch, focusing on the history, the majesty and the beauty of elephants, how they suffer in captivity, and what you can do to help them.

FACE also works to communicate with legislators in different areas across the nation to focus on laws that will bring about the right changes for elephants. We will use this film to help legislators gain the knowledge needed to make important decisions benefiting the lives of elephants.  As with many people, legislators need to learn just how wonderful elephants are and about the truths of how they are suffering, in order to bring about the changes needed to help them gain freedom from the lives they are living in captivity.

Elephants, Out of Captivity, COMING SOON!

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FACE Elephant Documentary Short Clip