Photo by Larry Laverty

Free All Captive Elephants – FACE is thrilled to partner with Ecoflix in the release of our film:

Elephants, Out of Captivity

Produced by: Free All Captive Elephants, Inc. (FACE)
Written by: Larry Laverty
Directed & edited by: Isaac Pingree
Narrated by: Peter Coyote

Elephants, Out of Captivity, is a 10-minute impactful documentary film created to bring awareness, educate, and to share all about the magnificence of elephants, the suffering they endure, and what can be done to save them.

Free All Captive Elephants, Inc. (FACE), produced this film to bring awareness for suffering elephants held captive in circuses and zoos across the nation.

This documentary will open the eyes of all who watch, focusing on the history, the majesty and the beauty of elephants, how they suffer in captivity, and what you can do to help stop the suffering they endure.

Free all captive elephants
FACE also works to communicate with legislators in different areas across the nation to focus on laws that will bring about the right changes for elephants.
We will use this film to help legislators gain the knowledge needed to make important decisions benefiting the lives of elephants.

Teaching our youth about elephants is yet another VITAL component in bringing awareness and making continuous change to help elephants.  FACE will use this film to educate students through presentations and Elephants, Out of Captivity.  It is our youth that will carry the torch once we are gone.


We would love for this film to be shared all across the nation and we hope you feel the same way.


Join Us!



Note: Asha the elephant is featured in our film. Since the making of Elephants, Out of Captivity, the Natural Bridge Zoo where Asha was held captive, has since been raided by Virginia authorities. On December 6th, 2023, over 100 animals were seized on animal cruelty charges.

Asha was not on property during the seizure and was not apprehended.

There is an ongoing investigation and more information will be forthcoming about Asha.
Our long advocacy and work for Asha continues.

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We hope you enjoy this journey to watch our film. We put our heart and soul into making it.

Elephants, Out of Captivity

Photo by Larry Laverty

*Special Note: Free All Captive Elephants, Inc. FACE has been fighting for the welfare of elephants since 2017. FACE incorporated in March of 2017, but long before this we were advocates that came together for one common goal. That goal was to work to get suffering elephants out of circuses and roadside zoos. We learned just how majestic elephants are and how they were being horrifically abused in the circus and zoo industry. We knew we HAD TO DO SOMETHING to help them.
Throughout our advocacy, we have met many incredible advocates. One such person was Larry Laverty. Larry became a dear friend. His knowledge of elephants and his extreme talent in photography, along with his deep love of elephants and kindred spirit, we knew Larry needed to be a part of our documentary. In fact, without Larry, our story would not have been told for this film. Thank you, Larry, for your amazing insight, your grace, and for being an integral part of Elephants, Out of Captivity. You can see Larry’s work on his website here:

We would also like to thank our director and editor, Isaac Pingree. His expertise was invaluable and his patience much appreciated. It was a real joy working alongside of Isaac in the creation of our film.  He was key in the making of this film.

Peter Coyote’s beautiful narriation was the perfect touch needed to bring out the deep meaning of our film. We couldn’t ask for more.

Please share our film to spread much needed awareness… Awareness is the KEY to making the right change for elephants.