in helping elephants suffering in circuses.

Where are all of the elephants that disapear from sight from circuses?
What REALLY happened to sweet Anna Louise before she secretly died?
Why was Beulah permitted to be used until her last breath?

Tracking of elephants in circuses is key in
documentation for rescue to
TRUE sanctuary…before it’s too late.


Circuses with elephants such as Garden Brothers, Carden International, Shriners, Loomis Bros., and Carson and Barnes all have brutal touring schedules and cover thousands of miles. Some elephants are forced to perform three times per day only to be chained up or placed back into their cramped transport trailers for storage between shows and locations. Circus tracking is vital in documentation of the abuse occurring while on the road. Public awareness is key to ending the suffering elephants have endured for centuries. We can’t sit back and allow the abuse to go on. And we won’t.
Video of: Brian Franzen with Okha, Kosti and Megue
FACE tracks and documents these circuses through boots on the ground, social media and other means. FACE has successfully gotten many venues to cancel these events once we educate the state and local authorities and the media of the public safety risks and history of animal abuse by these exhibitors. Because of actions like these, the nation is very aware of the atrocities being committed against elephants in circuses. The future of this barbaric industry is coming to an end. FACE is committed and will continue to follow through with helping to place the elephants into Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS). GFAS is the gold standard for sanctuaries.

Circus Tracking Action

  • Boots on the ground involvement with travel to locations for documentation (undercover video and photos), protests, rallys, and awareness campaigns in the surrounding areas with efforts to engage the media
  • Social media direct action tracking elephants through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Reporting on elephants while on the road leads to filing formal complaints with both federal and state authorities detailing violations of the Animal Welfare Act and state and local laws
  • Constant action in posting news of the circus elephants in order to engage advocates thoughout the nation (and Canada) to keep eyes on these circuses as a collaborative effort. Networking with fellow advocates and other organizations to bring the changes needed
  • Reporting to the local authorities that action be taken to cancel the circuses coming to towns, cities and areas all over the USA
  • Notifying the venues where these circuses are going to educate them on the hundreds of violations and safety concerns to ultimately have them cancel the circus

We have made great progress in bringing awareness to the public

Through the presence of social media, people have been educated and are very aware of the atrocities bestowed upon elephants held captive in circuses.  The undercover documentation gathered by advocates has given the public proof and the truth and reality of what goes on behind the circus curtain. Circus personel have been deceiving the public for hundreds of years about the way they treat their animals.  Videos, photos, and audio of elephant handlers jabbing, beating, depriving of food and water, using intimidation, horible neglect, chaining so tightly they can hardly move, and teaching others to do the same…has proven all of these atrocities.  Today, circuses are closing up, losing business and taking their shows to small towns with hardly any attendees. The money is not coming in like it used to, making it a losing proposition.  It is too expensive to PROPERLY care for the animals. BUT THEY ARE STILL OUT THERE ON THE ROAD.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closed down because they saw the writing on the wall back on May 21st, 2017.  FACE directors were there that day… and it is something we will never forget. Ringling Bros. knew the public was becoming educated and the truth was out.  Business was going to be bad going forward and they knew it.  Ringling Bros. is now back with an ANIMAL FREE production.  We wish them well and hope ALL circuses will choose to use human entertainment instead.  

Circuses are STILL OUT THERE.  The elephants are STILL SUFFERING.  We are STILL FIGHTING for them.