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We know everyone is curious about the status of our film, so we wanted to provide you with an update.  After learning we were not accepted into the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, we decided to add additional talent to our production and cinematography team who have a proven track record in film festivals.  As you can imagine, producing a film in these trying times, especially for a small organization, is not without obstacles and we have certainly had a few.  However, obstacles come with the territory in our line of work and we have overcome all of them and are currently moving ahead towards completion. We are more confident than ever that our film will have a tremendous impact and help to play a part in the passage of TEAPSPA.  Please check out this short clip and help us share far and wide!    FACE Elephant Documentary Short Clip Your donation will help us to complete this eye-opening film that will be distributed far and wide. We are extremely grateful for your patience and continued support. The Team at Free All Captive Elephants

Bo is FREE in Sanctuary!  9/23/2021

Bo is FREE in Sanctuary! 9/23/2021

Bo is now a FREE elephant!  Carol Buckley has managed to communicate with George Carden of Carden International Circus and make a deal to bring Bo to her sanctuary in Georgia.  Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA).  Bo is a bull elephant previously owned by George Carden. Bo has arrived at SANCTUARY! Sharing Bo’s arrival at ERNA. I know everyone will have and share their opinions. Bo is NEVER going to be hauled around and chained up in the circus ever again. We are overjoyed for him. He will enjoy his new and well deserved life in sanctuary. We are so very grateful to Carol Buckley for doing what she had to do to get Bo free. Understanding the ways of the circus to enable the situation to occur is something that needs to be considered. Otherwise what would the Carden Circus do with them?? Circuses are on their way out. They cannot afford to keep the animals any longer. States, cities, and counties across the nation are passing laws banning the use of wild & exotic animals. The circuses have less and less venues to go to therefore making less income. Because of grass roots advocacy, awareness and education, circuses are going to be a thing of the past very soon. That, we can all smile about. BUT! Every day

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