Free All Captive Elephants, Robin Vitulle – Discussion with Lek Chailert Founder of Elephant Nature Park – ENP 2022

Robin Vitulle, President and co-founder of Free All Captive Elephants – FACE, visited Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand on December 5th, 2022.
FACE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity based in the United States. The mission of FACE is to provide Education, Intervention, and Litigation, that will lead to Sanctuary of ALL Elephants Inhumanely held in Captivity in Circuses and Zoos in North America.

Bringing the awareness needed to spread knowledge throughout the world for suffering captive elephants is the KEY to bringing the CHANGE that will benefit elephants going forward so they can live their lives in peace without the brutality of captivity and human entertainment.

It was truly incredible to visit Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Meeting Lek and Darrick and witnessing both of them involved in their work at the Park, was very emotional, mesmerizing and showed me exactly just how amazing the whole operation all gels together to give all of the elephants residing here the life they so deserve. Everyone… and I mean EVERYONE from the kitchen staff, the grounds staff, the veterinary staff, the mahouts caring for each elephant, the media constantly working on all of the incredible stories that evolve every moment, to the tour guides that give each person coming to support and learn about the elephants, they ALL make the miracles happen at ENP. EACH AND EVERY person working and volunteering here at ENP plays an integral role to provide the elephants the best life they can have after decades of terrible neglect and abuse in the tourism industry. NEVER RIDE AN ELEPHANT. NEVER SUPPORT CIRCUSES with animals. ALWAYS support organizations that work to bring awareness, help STOP the atrocities happening to elephants, and work to get suffering elephants into TRUE SANCTUARIES.

I was expecting to use my little microphone, hoping for a chance to drag Lek away from her important duties to get a 5-minute chat with her. What I got was beyond my expectations! I would like to thank Ry Emmerson, Save Elephant Foundation Press and Media for setting up and offering to film my conversation with Lek. Once they heard I wanted to have time with Lek, they made it happen! Watching this team operate was just fascinating!

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience here at ENP. Seeing with my own eyes affirmed just how truly amazing this place is for rescued elephants. This also fuels my fire for the work we do in the United States at Free All Captive Elephants. This was a dream come true and no words could ever come close to expressing the emotions I felt being here. Lek and Darrick treat every visitor as if they were the only ones there. They are angels and heroes. The passion they put into every single elephant’s care is remarkable to watch. They are growing and expanding and working outside of the park to help other elephants needing them so desperately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

NEVER RIDE AN ELEPHANT. NEVER SUPPORT CIRCUSES with animals. NEVER attend any performance or facility where elephants are forced to perform, paint, bathe or give rides.
ALWAYS support organizations that work to bring awareness, help STOP the atrocities happening to elephants, and work to get suffering elephants into TRUE SANCTUARIES.

*All expenses for Robin to travel to Thailand was paid by her own personal funds. No donations to Free All Captive Elephants were used.

Letter to Charlotte, NC Mayor and City Officials: Ban Wild & Exotic Animals in Traveling Animal Acts

UPDATE! SUCCESS!   Charlotte bans wild, exotic animals in circuses and traveling shows City Council approved the ban in a 7-5 vote after nearly two hours of debate and public comments. Read more:  Link to full article Dear Mayor Lyles, City Councilpersons, City Attorney, City Manager, and City Clerk: At Free All Captive Elephants, Inc. we support a FULL BAN on wild and exotic animals. What is the purpose of a bull hook ban that is not clearly written or enforced? It is left up to interpretation and often is very “gray” in nature.  The purpose is convoluted and often does not carry out the purpose of the intended ordinance. Please consider enacting a “Nosey’s Law” S1093, type law, passed in New Jersey in December of 2018, where wild and exotic animals are prohibited from performing in traveling animal acts. Not only New Jersey, being the first state to enact such a law, but many other states, towns, cities and counties have enacted laws to prohibit wild and exotic animals from traveling animal acts. This law was implemented to protect wild and exotic animals from the inherent abuse while traveling with circuses throughout New Jersey. It should be a federal law given the documentation of proof via undercover video of these traveling circuses of the many violations of the Animal Welfare

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